Students Present Poster at AMCP Nexus 2022

Chad Sanders

Three Pharmaceutical Outcomes & Policy students were selected to present their research poster at the AMCP Nexus 2022 meeting. Chad Sanders, M.S., Julie Winstone, Ph.D., M.S.c and Yestle Kim, Pharm.D., traveled to National Harbor to share their research which began as a group project for PHA 6971 Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses for Pharmaceutical Interventions.

Sanders spoke on how the graduate program helped them to get their research selected for the AMCP Nexus Conference. “The course provided weekly lectures, videos, readings, and instructions on performing a systematic review and meta-analysis. We worked closely with each other after each weekly lecture to perform the next steps in the research process. By the end of the course, we had completed the entire research process as well communicated our research and results in a final paper. Our professor (Dr. Song) mentioned that if our group was interested, we could submit our abstract  for consideration as a poster review or for publication.”

The group’s research focused on a systematic review and meta-analysis on a special population, Asian patients with metastatic pancreatic adenocarcinoma. Research literature suggests that Asian patients may metabolize liposomal irinotecan differently, in turn this can affect the efficacy and safety of the drugs being used to treat this population.

According to Dr. Kim, “The concept of the research study was put together with my team and we wanted to cover a gap in the scientific literature space that focused on a specific patient population in pancreatic adenocarcinoma. While there are many products and drugs approved for cancer, it’s important to think about how drugs may interact differently in patients of various backgrounds.”

The group’s research was completed as part of an assignment for PHA 6791 Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses for Pharmaceutical Interventions.