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Student POPCasts with Dr. Robert Navarro

Dr. Robert Navarro, clinical professor, interviews recent graduates in this informative podcast series. Their backgrounds, interests, and job duties vary greatly and reflect the many benefits of UF’s online Graduate Degree in Pharmaceutical Outcomes & Policy.

Interview with Beth Majeroni

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Beth is a recent graduate who specialized in Applied Pharmacoeconomics. As a National Account Director in the Managed Sales department at Walgreens, she discusses balancing family and work while earning a master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Outcomes & Policy. You’ll hear Beth’s first-hand experience in the program, from how the coursework is structured, to the tools and applications she was able to put in immediate use. Beth also shares two big reasons why she highly recommends UF’s online master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Outcomes & Policy to prospective students.

Interview with Karl Kesgan

Podcast Overview

Karl is a working professional who currently holds a position in long-term care within the Department of Veterans Affairs. With a goal of advancing his career in the VA system, Karl recently graduated from UF’s online Pharmaceutical Outcomes & Policy graduate program while specializing in the Institutional Pharmacy Leadership program. Listen along as he discusses how this highly-rewarding program is designed to not only help with career advancement, but also with leadership improvement. Karl also shares helpful advice for prospective students thinking about enrolling and how they can get the most out of the interactive program.

Interview with John Berry

Podcast Overview

John is a Managed Market Account Manager for a large pharmaceutical manufacturer. He recently graduated from the online Pharmaceutical Outcomes & Policy graduate program, specializing in Pharmaceutical Regulation while concurrently completing his MBA. John discusses his invaluable learning experience and how each topic was relevant to his day to day work. Listen further as he discusses how the flexible class structure made it possible to be successful in his career and studies. John also credits his enriching experience to the quality interaction between his esteemed classmates and instructors in the online setting.

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