Alumni Spotlight

Meet our alumni and see why they chose to advance their career with a degree in Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy!

Parastoo Rezai, Pharm.D., M.S., BCPS

2018 graduate | Applied Pharmacoeconomics track

Parastoo Rezai, Pharm.D., M.S., BCPS

"UF offered the quality of education and the flexibility I needed. When I was exploring the program, I noticed there were several other students with similar backgrounds to mine, and that gave me even more confidence that this was the right program."

Further your education and Career

Online POP can help you advance your career!

“I absolutely believe that this degree helped me get promoted even before graduating. When I finished and was looking to move companies, I was able to secure a director-level position with a higher salary.”

Network with like-minded individuals

What stands out about fellow students?

“This industry is very small and the ability to meet and network in this sphere via this master’s program was invaluable.”

a dynamic and challenging arena

How did the program help you?

“In order to be effective in my role, I need to keep abreast of all areas of change on a regular basis. This program definitely helped provide insight and resources for me to become successful in this endeavor.”

Cody Wiberg headshot

2009 Graduate

Cody Wiberg, Pharm.D., M.S., R.Ph.

“Once I read about the program on the University of Florida website, I decided it was just the sort of program I was looking for.”

Enhance your career with Online POP

What career opportunities have occurred because of this degree?

“I was asked to be a co-instructor for two Online POP courses. I later became the course director for both of those courses. As a result of this experience, the University of Minnesota asked me to take over as Course Director of the Doctor of Pharmacy law course.”

Convenient and Flexible Learning

What stands out about POP’s Online Education?

“The program was very convenient and flexible. I was looking into local, part-time, but in-person programs in law or graduate schools. Those programs would probably have also offered good quality – but they would not have been as convenient and flexible.”

Network and connect

Learn from highly-regarded faculty!

“They had worked in policy positions at the Food and Drug Administration or with other agencies in Washington DC, represented clients as attorneys, and taught pharmacy law or ethics. The professors all seemed genuinely interested in imparting their knowledge to students.”

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