FAQ Concerning COVID 19

We know these are challenging times.  We are working hard to provide any information you may need related to the current health crisis and to explore what, if any impact you may experience as an applicant to this program. Please review these “Frequently Asked Questions” below and reach out with any other questions or concerns that you may have. We will continue to work hard to support you and your educational goals!

My previous college/university is closed due to COVID-19.  What should I do in terms of requesting official transcripts?

Students are now able to apply using unofficial transcripts, allowing those who are unable to secure official transcripts to pursue admission without delay or complication. Please note that those who are admitted will be required to submit official transcripts to the university prior to enrolling in any coursework during their second semester as a student in this program. 

Has COVID-19 impacted the academic calendar (start/end dates) for this program?

No. All published dates for this online program remain unchanged.

Will the $37 application fee be waived due to the financial strains caused by the current crisis?

At this time, the application fee is not being waived.  

Does the recently announced update to the university’s S-U policy apply to my courses? 
No, the College of Pharmacy has decided to keep all courses as a letter grade for the Spring 2020 semester for all graduate programs.  If you have concerns regarding your ability to complete your courses or your grades due to the corona virus, please reach out to your instructor via Canvas.