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Start a Fellowship, Create a Talent Pipeline

With the UF College of Pharmacy, a fellowship is essentially a 2-year arrangement between your company and a Pharm.D. graduate who wants to pursue a career path in pharmaceutical outcomes & policy. They work for you, and you pay their tuition. Your company and our faculty will be investing in developing future leaders and innovators to whom you may offer a full-time permanent position upon completion of the fellowship.

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National Leaders in POP Graduate Education

Our graduates are highly sought after, and by creating a fellowship with us, you can attract top talent at the start of their careers.

The Online Graduate Program in Pharmaceutical Outcomes & Policy (POP) at the University of Florida provides practical, actionable knowledge on improving health outcomes. With projects designed to give students experience translating theory into evidence-based recommendations, Online POP is preparing a new generation of leaders.

Established at the University of Florida College of Pharmacy in 2006, the online POP program continues to flourish under the leadership of clinical professor and program director, Laura Happe, Pharm.D., MPH along with a dedicated and distinguished faculty.

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Cost-effective, strategic talent pipeline

Working with UF, your company can create a new pipeline of the best and brightest in pharmaceutical outcomes & policy. Offering a fellowship is a cost-effective talent acquisition strategy that can help you attract Pharm.D. graduates from top schools and the industry to set your company apart in a competitive hiring landscape.

Applicants recognize that fellowships will set them up for long-term success and enable them to earn a master’s without accruing debt. Average fellowship salaries range between $50,000-$60,000 annually plus tuition (approximately $12,500 annually for the UF’s online POP program).

Fellowship Success

For the last 10 years, 90% of fellows have accepted a position with Cencora upon graduating from the program, enabling them to attract and retain top talent.

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2-year degree-granting fellowships

Selected fellows will work under the guidance of a designated mentor on-site or remotely as a full-time member of your team while completing a UF master’s degree online in one of four specialty tracks:

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POP Fellowship Program

Start the conversation with us.

Schedule a 30-minute introductory meeting with Online POP's Program Director Laura Happe, Pharm.D., MPH to discuss how this exciting program can be leveraged within your company.

Michael Sporck

Michael Sporck, Pharm.D., MBA, M.S. | Fellowship Director, Cencora

Accelerating the ROI

"Developing fellows through real-world project experience combined with didactic training at UF takes their game to a much higher level and in a shorter amount of time."

Bridgette Schroader

Bridgette Kanz Schroader, Pharm.D., MPA, BCOP | Fellowship Director, Cencora

Attracts Top Talent

“Our fellowship attracts Pharm.D. graduates with aspirations to work in leadership roles within the health care industry and prepares them to be successful in these career ambitions, whether that’s within our company at the end of their fellowship or another opportunity."