All courses are considered elective options as long as prerequisites are complete, if applicable.

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3 credits

PHA 5270 Health Care & Patient Safety

This course will provide an overview of patient safety theory, the scope of medical errors, and new emerging guidelines and strategies to leverage patient safety concepts, reduce errors and improve patient safety.

3 Credits

PHA 5271 Health Care Risk Management

This course will provide an introduction to the concept of risk management in healthcare settings, a historical perspective on the development of health care risk management, the role of the health care risk manager, and more.

3 credits

PHA 6250 Patient Responsibility in Health Care

This course examines the ways in which patients can accept responsibility for promoting good outcomes of the therapeutic modalities that the health care professionals and institutions provide.

2 credits

PHA 6254 Structure, Process & Outcomes of Regulation 2

This course is a continuation course that emphasizes the role of the legislative, executive and judicial branches of state and federal government in the establishment of standards for pharmacy practice and drug distribution.

3 credits

PHA 6269 Pharmaceutical Products & Public Policy

This course challenges students to think about the development of public policy positions and the articulation of organizational policy positions.

2 credits

PHA 6273 Structure, Process & Outcomes of Regulation 1

This course emphasizes the role of the legislative, executive and judicial branches of state and federal government in the establishment of standards for pharmacy practice and drug distribution.

3 Credits

PHA 6274 Federal Regulation of Drugs & Pharmacy

This course reviews federal Food and Drug Administration theory and practice, with a particular emphasis on product labeling requirements and the new drug approval process.

3 credits

PHA 6275 Federal Regulation of Controlled Substances

The Federal Controlled Substances Act, regulations promulgated by the Drug Enforcement Administration, and judicial interpretations of controversies in this area.

3 credits

PHA 6276 Pharmacy Benefit Design & Management 1

This course explores regulation intended to expand access to and control the costs of health care

3 credits

PHA 6277 Ethics in Drug Production, Distribution & Use

This is an introduction to biomedical ethics primarily as applied to pharmaceutical and medical device products.

1 credit

PHA 6279 Pharmaceutical Outcomes & Policy Seminar

Facilitators will explore recent high-profile medical errors and their impact on the health care environment, and other timely topics.

3 credits

PHA 6280 Medicare & Medicaid

Access to health care for the elderly and poor provided by Titles XVIII and XIX of the Federal Social Security Act.

3 credits

PHA 6281 Practices & Procedures of Administrative Agencies

This course describes the history of the FDA and CMS. Agency organization and responsibility is explained. Administrative practices and procedures are described, including formal and informal rule making. The course discusses the interaction of federal agencies with state regulators.

3 credits

PHA 6283 Commercial Applications / Pharmacoecon. Principles

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the fundamental methods of pharmacoeconomic analysis. The class will focus on the theory, methods, and application of technology assessment in health care. Applications will be drawn from a variety of health care settings.

3 credits

PHA 6286 Pharmaceutical Microeconomics

This course is designed to analyze and explore the special features and complexities of health care markets. It will focus on the analysis of consumption, production, and distribution of health and health care services with an emphasis on pharmaceutical products and services.

3 credits

PHA 6287 Pharmaceutical Health Economics

This course will build on Pharmaceutical Microeconomics by delving into the economic principles and issues of health care in the US.

3 credits

PHA 6290 Pharmaceutical Fraud & Abuse

This course provides an overview of the False Claims Act, the Qui Tam action, and Stark Laws, within an overall framework of the prevention of fraud, abuse and waste in healthcare.

PHA 6793 Evidentiary Basis of Pharmaceutical Use

This course will focus on building the skills necessary to incorporate timely and rigorously analyzed medical and pharmacoeconomic literature into a rational decision making process.

3 credits

PHA 6799 Patient Safety Program Evaluation

This course will explore the methodologies through which patient safety data are collected and evaluated. The use of existing databases on patient safety will be examined.

3 credits

PHA 6806 Pharmacoeconomic Modeling

This course provides an introduction to methods and techniques for conducting pharmacoeconomic studies.

3 credits

PHA 6891 Introduction to Pharmaco-epidemiology

This course will introduce students to basic epidemiology principles with a particular focus on how they are applied to pharmaceuticals.

3 credits

PHA 6935 Managed Prescription Drug Systems

This course builds on PHA6276 Pharmacy Benefit Design & Management and probes development and operational management of a managed care prescription drug benefit program.

3 credits

PHA 6935 Quantitative Methods in Evidence-Based Pharmacy

This course introduces biostatistical concepts and methods used in pharmacy and medical literature.

3 credits

PHA 6935 Pharmaceutical Data Analysis in HEOR Settings 1

The purpose of this course is an introduction to analyzing medical and pharmacy data using programming techniques in SAS and SQL.

3 credits

PHA 6935 Pharmaceutical Data Analysis in HEOR Settings 2

This course is an introduction to intermediate and advanced methods of analyzing healthcare data by exposure to utilizing clinical risk adjustment models in SAS currently used in industry.