PHA 6935 Medication Error Prevention


This course will prepare the student to apply practical strategies for medication error prevention. Discussion will include elements for success such as leadership, and recognition of contributing factors.    

Upon completion of this course, the student will:  

  1. Describe the role and responsibilities of the medication safety leader.   
  2. Recognize why error reporting is a fundamental component of a safety culture.  
  3. Discuss the impact of Just Culture on medication safety.  
  4. Develop error reduction strategies to target specific situations or risk groups (e.g. high‐alert medications).  
  5. Discuss the use of technologies to enhance medication safety efforts.   
  6. Summarize medication safety resources, including websites, books, and organizations.    
  7. Describe how to use information gathered during a root cause analysis to minimize the occurrence of medication errors.   
  8. Assess practice environments for factors that can contribute to the occurrence of medication errors.    
  9. Demonstrate application of error reduction strategies (exercise, assignment).   

Tuition: $2,250
Credits: 3

*Please note that this syllabus is subject to change. Use the updated syllabus in Canvas as the official course syllabus.