PHA 6290 Pharmaceutical Fraud & Abuse


Through this course, students will learn the fundamentals of the United States laws and regulations pertaining to pharmaceutical fraud, waste, and abuse.  The course will examine existing and emerging mechanisms to combat fraud, waste, and abuse, so that students can understand how to assess actual or potential fraudulent and wasteful practices and consider ways to correct these practices in the pharmaceutical, pharmacy benefit management, and pharmacy industries.

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Design a marketing campaign for a pharmaceutical company that does not violate existing fraud, waste, and abuse regulations.
  2. Develop a request for a safe harbors exception to the Anti-Kickback Statute.
  3. Analyze issues associated with a fraud, waste and abuse case currently under consideration in a case.
  4. Provide a marketing program for a specialty product from the perspective of reducing fraud, waste, and abuse.
  5. Develop a compliance plan for a pharmacy with potential fraud and abuse

Prerequisite:  It is recommended that students take PHA 6273/6935 Structure, Process & Outcomes of Regulation prior to taking this course.

Tuition: $2,250
Credits: 3
PHA 6290 Syllabus