PHA 6281 Practices & Procedures of Administrative Agencies


Government agencies are bound by statute and rule to follow certain, specified procedures in order to effectuate actions that impact private parties and public entities.  Administrative law includes elements of constitutional law theory (e.g., separation of powers and procedural due process), federal statutory law (e.g., the Administrative Procedure Act, or “APA”) and state statutory law and rules (e.g., state Administrative Procedure Acts, Pharmacy Practice Acts and Board Rules, Public Health Code, etc.).

In this course, we will focus primarily on the activities of federal government agencies, (e.g., Food and Drug Administration; Drug Enforcement Administration; Social Security Administration; Federal Trade Commission; Occupational Safety and Health


Prerequisite:  It is recommended that students take PHA 6273/6935 Structure, Process & Outcomes of Regulation prior to taking this course.

Tuition: $2,250
Credits: 3
PHA 6281 Syllabus