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Course # Course Name Fall Spring Summer
PHA 5270 Health Care & Patient Safety X
PHA 5271 Health Care Risk Management X
PHA 6250 Patient Responsibility in Health Care X
PHA 6269 Pharmaceutical Products & Public Policy X
PHA 6273 Structure, Process & Outcomes of Regulation X
PHA 6274 Federal Regulation of Drugs & Pharmacy1 X
PHA 6275 Federal Regulation of Controlled Substances X
PHA 6276 Pharmacy Benefit Design & Management X
PHA 6277 Ethics in Drug Production, Distribution & Use X
PHA 6278 State Regulation of Drugs & Pharmacy X
PHA 6279 Pharmaceutical Outcomes & Policy Seminar A/B Break
PHA 6280 Medicare & Medicaid X
PHA 6281 Practices & Procedures of Administrative Agencies
PHA 6283 Commercial Applications / Pharmacoecon. Principles X X
PHA 6286 Pharmaceutical Microeconomics X
PHA 6287 Pharmaceutical Health Economics X
PHA 6290 Pharmaceutical Fraud & Abuse X
PHA 6793 Evidentiary Basis of Pharmaceutical Use X
PHA 6799 Patient Safety Program Evaluation X
PHA 6806 Pharmacoeconomic Modeling3 X X
PHA 6891 Introduction to Pharmacoepidemiology X
PHA 6935* (TBA) Managed Care Elective2 TBA
PHA 6935 Managed Prescription Drug Systems2 X
PHA 6935* (TBA) Patient Safety and Technology TBA
PHA 6935* Pharm Data Analysis I: Data Management3 X
PHA 6935* Pharm Data Analysis II: Risk Adjustment4 X
PHA 6935* POP Foundations I: Drug Discovery to Approval5 X
PHA 6935* POP Foundations II: Marketing & Use X
PHA 6935* Preventing Medication Errors X
PHA 6935* Quantitative Methods in Evidence-Based Pharmacy X
PHA 6935* Writing for Pharmacy Outcomes & Policy (POP) A/B Break

* PHA 6935 is a course number for rotating topics courses, and thus, is used for courses that have not yet been assigned a permanent number in the Statewide Course Numbering System. Students can take more than one 6935 course in their program. Those 6935 courses that do not have links are currently under development.

1 It is recommended that students complete PHA 6273 Structure, Process and Outcomes of Regulation prior to taking this course. However, if scheduling precludes this, students should contact the program for academic advising and assistance with appropriate course selection.

2 Students must complete PHA 6276 Pharmacy Benefit Design & Management prior to taking this course.

3 Students must complete PHA 6283 Commercial Applications of Pharmacoeconomic Principles prior to taking this course. It is also strongly recommended that students complete PHA 6935 Quantitative Methods for Evidence Based Pharmacy prior to taking this course unless they have completed a graduate-level statistics course in the past 7 years.

4 Students must complete Pharm. Data Analysis I prior to taking Pharm Data Analysis II.

5 Students should take Foundations I and II as early as possible in their studies. Foundations II can be taken prior to Foundations I, since the courses focus on different aspects of the drug development and use process.

NOTE: Course offerings are subject to enrollment minimums and may be changed at any time.

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