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M.S. Degree

The curriculum for the UF M.S. degree is based on the selected specialty track:

MBA Curriculum

Note: In terms of sequencing, students begin the program by taking at least one semester of coursework in the UF online M.S. program, selecting a specialty track: pharmacoeconomics, managed care pharmacy, patient safety in medication use or pharmaceutical policy. At some point after that, students will take a break from UF coursework to temporarily transition to Stetson coursework for at least six credits (one semester). They will then transition back to UF coursework to finish their M.S. degree. Following UF graduation, students return to Stetson to finish their MBA coursework.

Stetson MBA Goals:

  • Think critically, solve business problems effectively and make decisions across functional areas
  • Communicate ideas and information effectively in the business context
  • Understand how global issues impact business decision making
  • Identify and understand the importance of ethical decision making for the organization and society

Stetson MBA Courses:

  • Foundations of Business Analysis
  • Foundations of Finance and Accounting
  • Advanced Accounting Seminar
  • Strategic Management
  • Advanced Financial Management
  • Managerial Decision Analysis
  • Technology for Business Transformation
  • Organizational Theory and Behavior
  • Marketing Decision-Making