Student Profiles

Student Backgrounds

Most students have a health care background of some type as this option is designed to develop executive leaders in the health care space. However, we also have students from other backgrounds who are seeking new career paths. The most important qualification is a desire to affect change and bring improvement to healthcare. A concurrent degree is the perfect way to gain a broad understanding of the issues impacting patients and health, and to differentiate yourself from your peers.

Does this sounds like you? Meet some of our students:

Clinical Pharmacist


D.G. is a Clinical Pharmacist responsible for reviewing care management plans and prior authorizations in a national pharmacy benefit management company. He desires to move into a leadership position within his company and he also wants to be an adjunct professor.

Health Care Analyst


M.W. has been working as a health care analyst at a global consulting company focused on health policy. She wants to expand her skills and leadership capabilities so she can move into management.

Corporate Pharmaceutical Co.


R.S. has a B.S. in Finance and has worked in pharmaceutical sales for three years. He wants to move out of sales into corporate headquarters and take on increasing responsibility in commercialization and new product development at a major pharmaceutical company.



P.S. is a Physician in an accountable care organization, balancing patient care responsibilities with quality improvement and value-based care delivery. She wants to lead her organization into the most innovative and effective care delivery and believe that both degrees M.S. + M.B.A. will prepare her for the challenge.

Alumni Spotlight

Meet Mike Steelman, M.S., M.B.A.

Vice President of Market Access