UF MS + Stetson University MBA Program

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Concurrent Master of Science in Pharmacy and Stetson MBA

Students interested in a career in pharmacy or health care administration can take advantage of a unique partnership between Stetson University and the University of Florida College of Pharmacy. Through this partnership, students can concurrently enroll in the UF MSPharm program and the Stetson MBA program, and earn both degrees in as little as three years, all while working full-time.
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The Stetson MBA focuses on the pharmaceutical industry and is offered online, exclusively to students enrolled in the UF Online MS in Pharmacy program. Program administration is streamlined, such that the same e-learning platforms are used in both programs, and admission to the Stetson program is guaranteed, provided satisfactory progress in the UF program.
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The program allows students to complete the two master’s degrees much more quickly than they otherwise could. Students generally complete 26 credits in the UF Pharmacy program, and 24 credits in the Stetson MBA program. Since each institution accepts 6 transfer credits from the other, the degrees can be completed in just 50 credits.
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How it Works
In terms of sequencing, students begin the program by taking at least one semester of coursework in the UF MS program. The following spring, students take one semester (6 credits) of coursework at Stetson, and then finish out their UF MS degree. Then, students return to Stetson to complete their MBA.

*Note: Current students MUST notify the program in writing by October 1 if they are interested in attending the MBA program at Stetson.

Stetson Tuition and Admissions

The cost for coursework in the Stetson MBA program, regardless of residency, is as follows:

  • Tuition: $1,000/credit hour ($3,000 for 3-credit courses)
  • Fees: Stetson does not have student fees associated with registration

Stetson Admission Requirements: (Materials are only kept for 1 year. Therefore, please do not request information too early, as it may not be retained.)

  • Full Admission & Completion of First Semester at UF as a Master’s Degree student
  • Stetson Waiver Form
  • Stetson Application
  • Transcripts (official, sealed copies from every institution attended)
  • Resume
  • A letter of endorsement from the UF program, confirming that the student is in good academic standing and has satisfactorily completed at least one semester of coursework as a Master’s Degree student at UF

Sample Plans of Study

*Note: Changes may occur to these plans of study. Please check back soon for updates. 17 JAN 2019

For more information about the Stetson MBA program, contact:
Brandon Speith
Office of Graduate Admissions