Specialty Tracks

Students can personalize their graduate education by choosing a Pharmaceutical Outcomes & Policy specialty track that aligns with their current career or the field of interest.

Applied Pharmacoeconomics

The Applied Pharmacoeconomics track focuses on the combination of scientific and economic methods to to evaluate and compare one drug or therapy to another.

Students in this track will learn about topics such as Economic Valuation Methods, Data Analysis in Applied Pharmacoeconomics and Micro- & Macroeconomics.

Applied Pharmacoeconomics Track Webinar
Pharmacoeconomic data are used by clinicians, health systems, health insurers and payers, policy-makers, health technology assessment agencies and even patients.

Pharmaceutical Regulation

The Pharmaceutical Regulation track is tasked with ensuring safe, effective and high-quality health care through regulatory compliance.

Students will take courses that address topics like Manufacturing & Distribution, Public Health Protection and Advertising, Promotion & Labeling.

Patient Safety
Students explore the roles of regulation, regulation responsibilities and delve into the complexities and challenges that face health care.

Managed Care Pharmacy Systems

Managed Care Pharmacy Systems offers an organized approach to population health management designed to improve the quality and accessibility of healthcare in a cost effective manner.

Students in MCPS learn about topics like Benefit Design, Formulary Management and Healthcare Economics & Risk Management.

Healthcare business meeting
Students will have an opportunity to study in-depth forms of managed care, both private and government-funded, as well as new healthcare delivery models

Medication Safety and Quality Systems

The Medication Safety and Quality Systems specialty track focuses on the prevention of harm to patients in the context of medication safety, including drug policy and regulation.

This track focuses on topics such as Adverse Events, Unintended Consequences and Idiosyncratic Risks.

two women in a meeting
This is one of the few accredited online graduate programs in the United States where you will receive a comprehensive, applied and real-world education in medication-related topics.

Pharmaceutical Value Assessment and Communications

The Pharmaceutical Value Assessment and Communications specialty track combines a scientific approach to pharmaceutical evidence assessment with effective communications for specific stakeholders. 

This track focuses on topics such as Value propositions, Payer communications and Evidence-based storytelling.

Data and blue pen
Students will learn how to develop communications tools that reflect pharmaceutical value to facilitate informed decision-making, advance patient care and improve healthcare quality.