Master’s Degree Curriculum
Applied Pharmacoeconomics: Master’s Degree Curriculum (31 credits)

Concentration Coursework (10 cr.)

Course Credit Hours Fall A|B Spring A|B Summber A|B
PHA 6186 POP Foundations 1 3 credits A
PHA 6187 POP Foundations 2 3 credits A
PHA 6741 Writing for POP 3 credits A B Summer C
PHA 6279 Seminar 1 credit A/B Break

Specialty Coursework (9 cr.)

Course Credit Hours Falls A|B Spring A|B summer A|B
PHA 6283 Introduction to Pharmacoeconomics 3 credits B B
PHA 6806 Pharmacoeconomic Modeling 3 credits A and B
PHA 6795 Quantitative Methods in Evidence-Based Pharmacy 3 credits A A

Specialty Electives (choose 2 of the following – 6 cr.)

Comprehensive Final Exam (online) – 0 cr.

General Electives (6 cr.*)

Students may choose to take any course offered in the POP Online program as a general elective, or opt to take an additional specialty elective(s).

*Students in the concurrent UF M.S. + Stetson University M.B.A. program will take fewer UF general electives because they will transfer 6 credits from Stetson into UF as general electives.