Pharmaceutical Regulation Fall Start

Pharmaceutical Regulation Fall Start – MSPharm degree only

Each semester is divided into halves, with the first half designated as “A” and the second half designated as “B.” Students take one course during each half-semester. The one-credit seminar takes place roughly during the break between the A and B sessions.

Semester Term Course Credits
Fall A POP Foundations I 2
Writing for POP 1
B Specialty/General Elective 3
Spring A POP Foundations II 2
PHA 6279 Pharmaceutical Outcomes & Policy Seminar (On Campus) 1
B Specialty/General Elective 3
Summer A Structure, Process & Outcomes of Regulation 3
B PHA 6275 Federal Regulation of Controlled Substances 3
Fall A Specialty/General Elective 3
B PHA 6274 Federal Regulation of Drugs & Pharmacy 3
Spring A Specialty/General Elective 3
Comprehensive Final Exam (on campus)
B Specialty/General Elective 3