Pharmaceutical Regulation Fall Start
M.S. Pharm Degree Only

Each semester is divided into halves, with the first half designated as “A” and the second half designated as “B.” Students take one course during each half-semester. The one-credit seminar takes place roughly during the break between the A and B sessions.

Fall Start – M.S.

Semester Term Course Credits
Fall A PHA 6186 POP Foundations I 3
Fall PHA 6935 Writing for POP 3
Fall B Specialty/General Elective 3
Spring A PHA 6187 POP Foundations II 3
Spring PHA 6279 Pharmaceutical Outcomes & Policy Seminar 1
Spring B Specialty/General Elective 3
Summer A Structure, Process & Outcomes of Regulation 3
Summer B PHA 6275 Federal Regulation of Controlled Substances 3
Fall A Specialty/General Elective 3
Fall B PHA 6274 Federal Regulation of Drugs & Pharmacy 3
Spring A Specialty/General Elective 3
Spring Comprehensive Final Exam
Spring B Specialty/General Elective 3