If you choose the Managed Care Pharmacy Systems specialty track, you are not only choosing one of the few applied graduate degrees in the United States that trains professionals to work in managed care pharmacy systems and health care value, but you are also learning a graduate curriculum that is taught by faculty with more than 150 YEARS of combined experience in managed care, cost-effective health care, health outcomes, benefit design, research, health care policy and quality improvement .

At UF, we take this specialty very seriously, because it revolves around access to affordable quality healthcare.

The coursework is challenging, yet manageable for the working professional, including:

  • Benefit Design (both medical and pharmacy)
  • Health Care Economics (private and public) and Risk Management
  • Formulary Management
  • Pharmacoeconomics (pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement systems)
  • Evidence-based medicine and Comparative Effectiveness
  • Pharmacy Distribution Channels
  • Pharmaceutical Contracting
  • Quality and Drug Safety
  • Specialty Pharmacy Management
  • Health Care Policy
  • Pharma/Payer value-based partnerships
  • Producer and Consumer Behavior
  • Ethics

Resources on Managed Care