Master’s Degree Curriculum

Medication Safety and Quality Systems: Master’s Degree Curriculum (31 credits)

Concentration coursework (10 cr.)

Specialty coursework (15 cr.)

Comprehensive Final Exam (on campus) – 0 cr.

General Electives (6 cr.*)
Students may choose to take any course offered in the POP Online program as a general elective.

*Students in the concurrent UF M.S. + Stetson University M.B.A. program will take fewer UF general electives because they will transfer 6 credits from Stetson into UF as general electives.

Final Comprehensive Exam on UF campus
In lieu of a master’s degree thesis, students must pass a written comprehensive exam administered on campus in Gainesville, Florida.

Required Travel to UF Campus
Students typically plan two travel weekends to the UF campus over the course of their program to attend one weekend seminar during any spring semester, and to take the comprehensive final exam upon completion of all coursework. Students wishing to consolidate travel time into one weekend may choose a plan of study that will enable them to attend a spring seminar and take the final exam in the same weekend.