Career Outlook

Whether you want to practice at a local practice or in a corporate healthcare delivery system managing many institutions, there is a demand for a career in Pharmaceutical Regulation.

Examples of jobs after graduation include:

  • Regulatory Affairs Program Lead
  • Head of Quality Assurance
  • Medicare Regulatory Manager
  • Director of Regulatory Reporting
  • General Counsel, Regulatory & Legal
  • Regulatory Health Project Manager
  • Executive Director
  • Drug Policy Analyst
  • Head of Drug Policy

Companies that hire graduates include:

  • Biopharma & Medical Device
  • Health Insurance Companies
  • Law Firms Specializing in Health Law
  • Regulatory Agencies (i.e. FDA)
  • Pharmacy Benefit Management Companies
  • Specialty Pharmacy or Big Pharmacy Chains
  • Clinical Trial Research Organizations
  • Health Policy Organizations
  • Hospitals & Hospital Systems


New Florida law leads to decline in opioid use, according to UF study

UF researchers found the number of new opioid users per month dropped 16 percent immediately after Florida House Bill 21 was implemented.