Graduate Certificate Curriculum
Pharmaceutical Regulation Graduate Certificate

Choose five of the following courses (15 credits):

See the full course schedule for AY 2023-2024 and AY 2024-2025 and beyond here.

*Either of the two Foundations courses can be counted toward the certificate curriculum, but not both.  Students without experience in pharmacy/health care are strongly encouraged to take one of the Foundations courses as their first course in the certificate

Courses are offered in half-semester and full-semester formats.  Half-semester courses are indicated as either A (for the first half of the semester) or B (for the second half of the semester).  Full-semester courses are indicated as C courses.  Students typically take one course at a time, but may take both a half-semester course and a full-semester course concurrently. Please see the academic calendar for dates.

Alternate and/or additional course requirements may apply when earning more than one certificate in the OnlinePOP program. Students interested in earning multiple certificates should contact the program’s academic advisor for course planning.