Graduate Certificate Curriculum
Pharmaceutical Regulation Graduate Certificate

Alternate and/or additional course requirements may apply when earning more than one certificate in the OnlinePOP program. Students interested in earning multiple certificates should contact the program’s academic advisor for course planning. 

Certificate Requirements (15 cr.)

Required Courses

Choose two of the following courses:

Course Credit Hours Fall A|B Spring A|B Summer A|B
PHA 6269: Pharmaceutical Products & Public Policy 3 credits B
PHA 6278: State Regulation of Drugs & Pharmacy 3 credits A
PHA 6280: Medicare & Medicaid 3 credits A
PHA 6186 POP Foundations 1 * ** 3 credits A
PHA 6187 POP Foundations 2 * ** 3 credits A

*Students without experience in pharmacy/pharmaceutical sciences should choose to take either POP Foundations I or Foundations II. 

**Students who are planning to proceed to the M.S. degree program should consider taking one of the POP Foundations I or II as part of their certificate coursework, since both courses are required for the M.S. degree.