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Spring 2022 Informational Webinar

Our Spring 2022 Informational Webinar, featured Writer and Adjunct Instructor Jo Montgomery, M.A. with a a Q&A on Value Propositions with professor Montgomery. We also covered degree options, admission requirements, tuition and fees, career outcomes and the five specialty tracks.

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Pharmaceutical Value Assessment and Communications

Online POP is excited to introduce a trailblazing new graduate program. Using a scientific approach to pharmaceutical evidence assessment, this track trains students to create effective communications for health care payer, provider and regulatory audiences.

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AMCP Nexus 2021

Keynote Speaker: Melissa Andel, MPP

Online POP adjunct faculty member, Melissa Andel, MPP was announced as one of the AMCP Nexus 2021 Keynote Speakers. Don’t miss her presentation on Medication Part D at the conference.

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In the News

Accessible Community-Based Care Is Key for Specialty Pharma

Read Fierce Healthcare’s article on how community-based care is the essential to keeping costs down for patients.

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Explore our SpecialTy tracks

Applied Pharmacoeconomics

Pharmacoeconomics utilizes a combination of scientific and economic methods to evaluate and compare the value of one drug or therapy to another. This combination of health economics provides grounded data to assist in optimal allocation of healthcare resources.

Managed Care Pharmacy Systems

Managed care implies a defined structure and process of designing and delivering covered healthcare benefits that include risk-sharing, price and utilization controls, and quality assurance. Managed care pharmacy believes in improving the quality and accessibility of healthcare.

Medication Safety and Quality Systems

The Institutes of Medicine defines patient safety as the prevention of harm to patients. In the context of pharmaceutical outcomes and policy patient safety is the prevention of harm to patients in the context of medication safety, including drug policy and regulation.

Pharmaceutical Regulation

The ultimate goal of healthcare regulation is to ensure healthcare quality, especially in pharmaceuticals. Accomplishing this task requires balancing competing needs, such as cost and access for patients.

Pharmaceutical Value Assessment and Communications

Pharmaceutical Value Assessment and Communications combines a scientific approach to pharmaceutical evidence assessment with effective communications for specific stakeholders.


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Alumni Spotlight

Parastoo Rezai, Pharm.D., M.S., BCPS

"UF offered the quality of education and the flexibility I needed. When I was exploring the program, I noticed there were several other students with similar backgrounds to mine, and that gave me even more confidence that this was the right program."

Parastoo Rezai, Pharm.D., M.S., BCPS

What’s New with POP

U.S. News & World Report ranks University of…

After five consecutive years of ascension, the University of Florida’s performance has positioned UF among the nation’s top five ranked public…

UF Top 5

Melissa Andel, MPP Announced as AMCP Nexus 2021…

Melissa Andel is the principal of CommonHealth Solutions LLC and previously served as Vice President of Health Policy for Applied Policy. As an…

Melissa Andel

New AI tool will predict patients at high risk…

UF researchers will use data from patients’ electronic medical records to help clinicians safely and effectively prescribe opioid medications.

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