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Designed for Working Professionals

Hear from students and program faculty/ staff on the benefits of earning your degree online with the Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy online graduate program.

Associate Dean and Professor Dr. Rich Segal describes the student-centered, interactive online course format that makes the Online POP program unique.

A New Kind of Classroom

“This is not like an online program, in which the student essentially turns on their computer a couple time a week, watches a lecture video, reads some material and then takes a quiz. That’s not what our program is about”

-Richard Segal, Ph.D., Associate Dean and Professor

Why Choose Online POP?

Hear why students chose POP to further enhance their career goals and learn about a few program highlights

Alicia O., Applied Pharmacoeconomics Track

What have you enjoyed about the program thus far?

“I truly enjoyed the live discussions led by the faculty, it offers a safe environment to share ideas on the specific topics covered during class. I am very impressed by my fellow students and their contributions to the course. It is a wonderful environment to share both knowledge and experience and to network professionally.”


How has completing this program will help you accomplish your professional goals?

“This program has been carefully designed to provide the academic rigor and practical skills needed for working professionals. In addition, if one requests guidance from faculty members as to which classes one should take to be prepared and competitive for a doctoral program, faculty is always gracious and generous with their time to provide suggestions and practical advise.”

Shana Durham, Regional Account Manager
Kanish Amin, Pharmacy Manager


Dr. Robert Navarro, interviews recent graduates of the Online POP Program in his informative podcast series. While students have a common interest in healthcare, their backgrounds, specific professional interests and job duties vary greatly; reflecting the many benefits of the online POP program.

Beth Majeroni

Independent Consultant

Beth Majeroni, M.S.

What was your experience with the online program?

“I found it just amazing. It was a lot of work, I’ll say that upfront, but the work that you put it was so beneficial and rewarded over and over again. I feel really lucky to have found out about the program, to have participated in the program and it’s already reaped benefits for me.

Beth Majeroni, M.S.

Can you talk about the live, synchronous classes?

“I really liked the live classes. It was a great opportunity to discuss health care issues. The professors structured the classes so that the individuals in the class would have a topic to contribute to. I think I learned as much from my classmates as I learned from the professors because the quality of the classes was so high; I had doctors, lawyers, nurses, Pharm.Ds., MSLs and even some of my own clients in there. With the guidance of the professor’s we were able to discuss issues and come up with solutions related to health care.”

Karl Kesgan

Long Term Care, Department of Veterans Affairs

Karl Kesgan, M.S.

How did you balance your personal time, work and courses?

“One of the things that surprised me was the amount of work that went into the curriculum. I was open to the challenge and believed I did quite well. However, it does require a lot of work after hours and does require a commitment from your family as well to help you maintain balance.”

Karl Kesgan, M.S.

What should potential students know about the program?

I found the program deeply rewarding. I am very glad I did it in retrospect. It was more of a time commitment than I thought it to be, but it is doable and extremely rewarding. My pharmacy career is that much more rich now because I have gone through this and I am a much better pharmacist today than before I went through the master’s program.

John Berry

Managed Market Account Manager

John Berry, M.S., MBA

How has the program helped your professional career?

The subject matter was applicable to the issues and the day-to-day circumstances I deal with at work. Some of the skills we brushed upon and enhance throughout the program, just as far as being able to problem solve and look at complex cases, carry-out research and become a better communicator and writer. A lot of the promotional opportunities posted require or strongly encouraged a graduate degree and the program helped me meet those requirements.”


What was the value of the live synchronous sessions?

“I had taken online classes before that had no live component to them, and you just play it back on-demand. I found that really hard if you have questions. You can’t raise your hand (like you can in our live online classes), and interaction with classmates was invaluable, particularly for me because I didn’t have a health care background.”