The Online POP program is part of the Department of Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy at the University of Florida, where the focus in research and graduate training is centered on the evaluation of drugs and related medical technology. With four specialty tracks to choose from, students can earn their degree without disrupting their lives.

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In addition to placing in the Top 5 nationally, UF continues to maintain its No. 1 ranking among pharmacy colleges in Florida and is in the top ten for pharmacy programs overall.

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The University of Florida was the first Florida school to break into the US News Report top 5 public school rankings. As of the 2021 report UF ranks at No. 5 for public schools.

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About Online POP

The Online Graduate Program in Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy (Online POP) exists for students to explore paths to improving pharmaceutical outcomes in populations. Students are offered a choice of specializations and educational paths to complete their studies in a flexible, online environment. Graduates leverage their POP education and experience to develop distinguished careers in the biopharmaceutical industry, managed care organizations, health systems, and government agencies.

The Online POP program was established in 2006 by Dr. David Brushwood, R.Ph., JD, Professor Emeritus, and more than 500 students have completed the program. Since inception, the program has been delivered in an online format, enabling working professionals across the country and internationally to enroll. The program was initially focused pharmaceutical policy and regulation – an area that remains a key focus today.

Most students in the Online POP program complete a Master’s of Science (M.S.) in Pharmacy degree in combination with a graduate certificate in their specialization of choice; however
some students pursue a graduate certificate alone.

The Online POP program is part of the Department of Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy (POP Department) in the University of Florida College of Pharmacy. In addition to the online graduate program, the POP Department offers residential MS and PhD degree programs. Research and teaching in the POP Department is focused on the use and effects of medications in society and ways to improve the drug use process. The residential degree programs are research intensive; in contrast, the Online POP curriculum emphasizes the application of the subjects to real world settings.

Online POP and Job Opportunities

Where to work after graduation

Career Opportunities

Many of our alumni work within the pharmaceutical industry; but often we see people join managed care organizations, consulting companies, and health systems.

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The University of Florida has made international outreach and collaboration a central theme of its strategic plan and we think about gators as citizens of the world. This past academic year, UF was home to more than 6,800 international students from 138 countries and hosted 1,500 visiting scholars from 89 countries. Internationally-focused research generated close to $300 million for UF. Please check out UF’s report on international activity

UF and Diversity

The department of Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy is proud of its inclusiveness and condemns racism and any other form of discrimination against social groups. Each of us individually and as members of a research community devoted to improve public health, needs to confront these threats with all our abilities. As department, we strive to recruit and support the greatest talent regardless of race, ethnicity, cultural background, religion or spiritual belief or sexual orientation. Read here how UF has re-emphasized its commitment to foster diversity and equity among its students, faculty and staff as outlined in its strategic plan with new actions against racism.