Why Chose Online POP?

To Enhance Your Career on Your Schedule

The online Pharmaceutical Outcomes & Policy program offers a number of opportunities for working professionals to enhance their education with minimal disruption to their schedules. Our flexible, part-time programs allow students to engage with professors in real time, online webinar class meetings. Assignments and homework are completed independently using on-demand discussion boards and pre-recorded lectures and videos. Live class sessions are held on weekends and after hours (eastern time), generally twice per week, and classes are roughly 7-weeks in duration.

Student’s can earn credits towards a master’s degree, graduate certificate or take courses on a non-degree enrollment status. Each program option allows students to concentrate on one of four specialty track options:

The program has also benefitted from partnering with three outside organizations that offer benefits, like financial aid, to students:

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Which Program is Right for You?

 Master’s DegreeGraduate CertificateNon Degree Seeking Enrollment
Minimum Program Length2 years (5 semesters)12-16 months
(3-4 semesters)
7 weeks (1 course)
Maximum Program Length Flexible: Up to 7 yearsFlexible: Up to 7 yearsN/A
Credit Hours3215Varies
Tuition$750 per credit
$24,000 total
$750 per credit
$11,250 total
$750 per credit
Admissions Requirements• Bachelor’s degree in any discipline
• 3.0 upper-division GPA
• Acceptable GRE scores, if required
• Bachelor’s degree in any discipline
• 2.5 upper-division GPA
• No GRE required
Bachelor's degree in any discipline
Campus Visit RequiredYes, for weekend seminar (2 days) and final exam (1 day). Students can complete both in one visit or in two separate visits.No. The program can be completed entirely online.No. Completed entirely online.
Credential Earned• Master of Science in Pharmacy
• Concentration Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy
• Graduate Certificate in selected focus area
Graduate Certificate in selected focus areaCourse completion and final grade recorded on official UF academic transcript. Credits earned are eligible for transfer to other institutions.

Check out the Course Resources for a preview of courses, upcoming conferences, or to sign up for an informational webinar for program details.