Pharmaceutical Policy


Make the World a Safer Place

Explore the dynamic field of pharmaceutical policy, comprised of professionals who ensure the safety and effectiveness of pharmaceuticals.

Patient Safety

What is Pharmaceutical Policy?

Pharmaceutical Policy is an essential, global and diverse field tasked with ensuring safe, effective, and high-quality health care through regulatory compliance. Pharmaceutical Policy may comprise drug research and development, clinical trials, market approvals, manufacturing, labeling, distribution, advertising and promotion and safety surveillance.

Pharmaceutical Policy Curriculum

The courses are designed to give students a firm grounding in the regulatory framework around the manufacture, distribution, dispensing and use of pharmaceutical products and place pharmaceuticals in a larger health care context. Students explore the roles of policy, policy responsibilities and delve into the complexities and challenges that face health care. The track curriculum provides a comprehensive education in the regulatory framework of pharmaceutical-related topics.

Selected curriculum topics include:

  • Manufacturing & distribution
  • Advertising, promotion & labeling
  • Dispensing & use
  • Public health protection
  • Global health & security
  • Patient privacy & data management
  • Ethics

One-of-a-kind Track

This unique specialty track is focused on focused on training individuals on the intersection on pharmacy and law that can assume executive positions and become thought leaders in this increasingly important field.