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Most students have a healthcare background of some type, and have some professional experience. Pharmacists who have practiced in health systems, regulatory agencies, or the pharmaceutical industry are particularly well-suited to this specialty track, but we also have students from other walks of life. Nurses, physicians, and attorneys advising healthcare groups who desire to expand their knowledge to adapt to the changing drug regulatory landscape are also perfect for this degree specialty track!

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Students come from a variety of backgrounds with at least a B.S. 

  • Pharmacy
  • Nursing
  • Medicine
  • Hospital Administration
  • Legal with healthcare focus
  • Regulatory Affairs department/agency
  • State Boards for medical professionals
  • Medical Affairs divisions of biopharma
  • Federal or state regulatory agency
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Does this sound like you? Meet some of our students:

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B.F. is a Director of Pharmacy at a mid-size health system and has managed pivotal issues related to state drug regulations, institutional compliance, billing fraud and abuse, and controlled substances. The regulatory environment seems to be getting more complicated and she wants to know how to manage the change.



P.M. has worked for the FDA and interacts routinely with biopharma regulatory and medical affairs professionals. He is keen to grow in his job to expand his collaborations with other state and federal agencies and key constituents.



R.Z. is an attorney that advises the fast-growing field of specialty pharmacy on compounding, manufacture, distribution, and compliance. She wants to have a better understanding of how to address rapidly changing federal and state issues.

Alumni Testimonials


John Berry, 2013 graduate of the M.S. + M.B.A. concurrent program

“Working on the manufacturer side of the pharmaceutical industry, I wanted to have a heavier focus on policy and healthcare reform. This program definitely helped provide insight in the critical issues of the day. I found the subject matter to be very applicable to the issues and day-to-day circumstances that I dealt with in my workplace. Important skills were enhanced, like being able to problem-solve, do research, communicate more effectively in writing, and find my own solutions to challenges.”

executive director of the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy

Cody Wiberg, Pharm.D., M.S., R.Ph., 2009 graduate

“Even though I had been the Executive Director of the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy for two years – and had served as the Pharmacy Program Manager for the State of Minnesota Medicaid Agency for nearly seven years – I was basically self-taught. I reasoned that being self-taught, I didn’t necessarily even know what other information might be useful. Once I read about the program on the University of Florida Web site, I decided it was just the sort of program I was looking for.”