Online Graduate Certificate

The online graduate certificate program allows US-based working professionals to enhance their professional careers in the non-dispensing areas of pharmacy, all with minimal disruption to their schedules.

Program Details


The online graduate certificate offers working professionals to take advantage of a 5-course track that can be completed within one year.


An online graduate certificate can be obtained for any of the four specialty tracks. A Bachelor’s or higher and minimum of a 2.5 GPA is required.

Path to a Master’s

The shorter duration of the online graduate program provides a starting point for future completion of a master’s degree. Up to 15 credits earned (B or higher) count towards the master’s degree.


Students receive an official certificate document upon satisfactory completion of the program, and the conferment of the certificate is the student’s academic transcript.

Transition from Online Graduate Certificate to M.S.

Students who enroll initially in an online graduate certificate program may decide later to pursue a Master’s degree. These students are required to apply and be accepted to the M.S. program. Application information is available here.

Students are advised that the minimum admission requirement for the M.S. has a higher GPA than the graduate certificate program. Thus, some students in the graduate certificate program may not be eligible for admission into the M.S. program. Completing certificate coursework does, however, strengthen a student’s graduate application.

University policy only allows up to 15 credit hours earned in the graduate certificate program to be counted towards the M.S. degree. Further, only credits with a B or higher (not B-) are eligible to be transferred to the M.S. degree. As such, students are advised to apply for admission to the M.S. program before exceeding 15 credit hours if they wish to pursue a M.S.

All work toward the Master’s degree must be completed within 7 years before the degree is awarded (see VII.E Timeline for Degree Completion). Therefore, students transitioning from the graduate certificate to M.S. program must complete the M.S. coursework within 7 years of taking their first certificate course.

Specialty Track Information

Earn your online graduate certificate in one of four specialty areas designed to prepare you for the next step in your career development.

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