ISMPP Educational Partnership


Tuition Discount for Members!

UF’s partnership with the International Society for Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP) offers new and current members a 50% tuition discount on their first and last course in the Online M.S. in Pharmacy program. New students can save up to $2,250.


What ISMPP membership categories are eligible?
  • Students should join at the Full membership rate of $195 annually.
How do I join ISMPP?
Do students in the Online M.S. program qualify for a student membership rate?
  • Not usually. Since most students in the Online POP program are working professionals who are taking a part-time course load in our program (fewer than 9 credits per semester), the student member rate does not usually apply. 
What student categories are eligible for the discount?
  • Students admitted to the Online Master of Science program in Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy are eligible. Graduate certificate students, non degree students, and residential students are not eligible.
What courses are discounted?
  •  Once a student is admitted to the M.S. program, his/her first three-credit course as a M.S. student and last three-credit course as a M.S. student are eligible for the discount.
 How do I apply for the discount?
  •  Fill out the discount form on our website, and submit by the deadline. If you encounter any problems submitting your membership number, contact the DESS (
 I am thinking of applying to the M.S. program in the future. Do I have to be a member of ISMPP before I apply?
  • No. You can join after you are admitted, but you must join by the posted admissions deadline.
I am an M.S. student, but I didn’t take advantage of the discount for my first M.S. course. Am I eligible to receive the discount now? 
  • You are still eligible to receive the discount on your last 3-credit course, but you cannot retroactively receive a discount for your first 3-credit course from a prior semester. 
 I started the program as a graduate certificate or non-degree-seeking student. Can I take advantage of the discount if I choose to transition to the M.S. program?
  • Yes. If you are admitted to the M.S. program, you can take advantage of this discount. ou would be eligible to receive the 50% discount on your first 3-credit course as a master’s student, and your last 3-credit course as a master’s student.