Student Profiles

Student Backgrounds

Most students have a health care background or work experience in healthcare or life sciences companies.

Some students will have advanced clinical or scientific degrees (M.S., Ph.D., Pharm.D. or Ph.D.) and desire to have a deeper focus in value evidence assessment and communications. Others will be medical writers who want to develop a deeper understanding of pharmaceutical value communication. 

We encourage students with these backgrounds to apply:

  • Clinicians (e.g., pharmacists, physicians and nurses)
  • Ph.D.s in a variety of scientific disciplines
  • Medical science or health outcomes liaisons
  • Health outcomes and pharmacoeconomics researchers
  • Data scientists in life sciences
  • Medical writers or communications professionals
  • Health policy analysts
  • Clinical trial managers
  • Pharmaceutical representatives
  • But, we also have students from other walks of life. Patient advocacy, legal, or quality improvement professionals may also be strong candidates for the program.

    Not sure if you have the right background? Contact us and we’ll help you decide.

    What people are saying:

    Student Testimonial

    “This program allows me to merge my passion for pharmaceutical outcomes research with the power of the written word. The ability to form this ideal union enables me to take part in the rewriting of health care by positioning the underlying data and telling the story of how pharmaceutical care, when strategically paired with data-driven and evidence-based research, is key to influencing the much-needed economic paradigm shift.”

    -Erica C. Watkins, Pharm.D., R.Ph., PMP M.S. Candidate, Class of 2022

    Employer Testimonial

    “Value communication is powerful in reaching payers, providers, patients, policy-makers, and HTA agencies to show them the efficacy and value of medicines with the ultimate goal of increasing access and improving patient outcomes. Key to its success are both developing and translating the evidence and communicating it effectively to customers. We need professionals who are well-trained in assessing the evidence and developing high-quality, impactful communication tools and products.”

    -CEO, HEOR & Value Communications Firm