PHA 6741 Writing for POP

Communication entails control: crafting a message such that a reader understands what a writer intends. We will use the pharmacy literature to identify how texts are made for different audiences, then use the literature to write evidence-based prose. The ultimate goal of the class is to develop (or polish) a suite of literacy skills useful for professional communication.

Note:  This course is offered in two different formats. The Fall and Spring versions of this course are offered over a half-semester (7-8 weeks) and may require students to complete writing assignments on a short turnaround during the work week.  The Summer version of this course is stretched over the entire Summer semester (Summer A + B, or 12-13 weeks).  This semester is called “Summer C.”  Students in the Summer course generally have more lead-time to complete assignments, and may not need to work on assignments during the work week.

Tuition: $2,250
Credits: 3

 *Please note that this syllabus is subject to change. Use the updated syllabus in Canvas as the official course syllabus.

Notes: Prerequisite may be waived with permission from the instructor.