Institutional Pharmacy Leadership

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UF M.S. + ASHP Foundation PLA

Students interested in pursuing a career as a leader in an institutional pharmacy can take advantage of a special partnership between the ASHP Foundation and the University of Florida College of Pharmacy by enrolling in the Institutional Pharmacy Leadership program.

In this innovative program, students concurrently enroll in the ASHP Foundation’s Pharmacy Leadership Academy (PLA) and the UF M.S.Pharm. program. Upon completion of the PLA, students become eligible to earn 6 graduate credits toward the UF M.S. degree tuition-free (University fees still apply). Students work with faculty advisors to develop an individualized plan of study for their remaining 27 credits.

Only students enrolled in the ASHP Foundation’s Pharmacy Leadership Academy are eligible for this unique opportunity. Those beginning the PLA should apply for admission to the UF M.S. program early in their tenure at the PLA in order to be eligible to earn credit toward the UF degree.

Questions about the UF Online M.S.Pharm. program should be directed to:

Heather Steingraber, Assistant Program Director