AMCP Educational Partnership

AMCP partnership with UF COP

Tuition Discount For Members !

UF's partnership with the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP) allows all AMCP members eligibility to receive a 50% discount on their first and last course in the Online M.S. in Pharmacy program. New students can save up to $2,250.

AMCP Partnership Overview

Founded by one of our renowned faculty members, Dr. Robert Navarro, AMCP’s mission is to empower its members to use sound medication management principles and strategies to improve health care for all.

The partnership with UF College of Pharmacy Online M.S. program reflects this mission by supporting the education of future managed care leaders.

We encourage you to join AMCP today to take advantage of the tuition discount offered, as well as, all the other great AMCP member benefits.

We reconnect with many of our alumni at the AMCP Annual Meeting and Nexus!


What AMCP membership categories are eligible?
  • Most students in the Online POP program are working professionals, and should join at the Active Member rate of $275 annually. Any student who falls into one of the discounted membership categories, such as Pharmacy Technicians, should contact AMCP to determine if they are eligible to join at the discounted rate, and whether discounted membership is eligible for the tuition waiver.
I am thinking of applying to the M.S. program in the future. Do I have to be an AMCP member before I apply?
  • No. You can join AMCP after you are admitted, but you must join by the posted deadline.
 How do I join AMCP?
What courses are discounted?
  • Once a student is admitted to the M.S. program, his/her first three-credit course and last three-credit course are eligible for the discount.
What student categories are eligible for the discount?
  • Students admitted to the Online Master of Science program in Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy are eligible. Graduate certificate students, non degree students, and residential students are not eligible.
How do I apply for the discount?
  • Fill out the form on our Website, and submit the form by the posted deadline, which can be found on the Critical Dates page of the program’s Website.
I am current M.S. student. Can I take advantage of the discount?
  • Yes. The partnership is effective starting in Summer 2018. Current M.S. students can take advantage of the 50% discount on their last three-credit course. However, they cannot take advantage of the discount for their first three-credit course if that occurred prior to the Summer 2018 term. 
I started the program as a Graduate Certificate or Non Degree Seeking student. Can I take advantage of the discount if I choose to transition to the M.S. program?
  • Yes. If you are admitted to the M.S. program, you can take advantage of this discount. You would be eligible to receive the 50% discount on your first 3-credit course as a Master’s student, and your last 3-credit course as a master’s student.